Metro-North To Test Digital Tickets

Metro-North will begin testing paperless tickets this summer with a smartphone app that will allow riders to buy, and show, digital tickets. This would mean, at least in theory, no more monthly passes left on the kitchen counter–or jammed up in the mail–on the first day of the month.

During the trial, railroad employees will act as users and will be able to download the free app to their iPhone, Android or Blackberry phones. (Finally! An app that works for the dreaded, but inevitable, Blackberry!) These users can buy any type of ticket using their credit or debit cards to make the purchase.

“We are as excited to begin testing the next generation ticket selling technology as we were
when we introduced ticket vending machines a quarter of a century ago,” said Metro-North President Howard Permut. “Our customers adapted quickly to [ticket machines] and the machines became the preferred way to buy tickets. The latest test is intended to ensure that the newest technology will be equally easy to use, as well as secure and reliable.”

The MTA is working with Masabi US on the initiative.

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