Men in Blue Feeling Blue

Good to see Bobby McD putting (cyber) pen to (cyber) paper once again and posting on his excellent “Bobby Derailed” conductor blog.

It was a blue moon last week, notes Bobby, and the passengers on the New Haven Line responded in funky fashion.

He writes:

Poor Paul, in the head car of our Sunday afternoon train to New Haven, he dealt with 6 drunk and disorderly passengers.  Then a 400 lb man in a johnny coat boarded the train and he was wearing a big sign that read “Just released from Stamford Hospital.”.  THEN he caught an extremely amorous couple in a compromising position (use your XXX imagination). I asked him if it was his craziest day on the railroad. He said “No…that would’ve been the day a midget woman got trapped in the bathroom when a piece of sheet metal blocked the door. She had to climb on top of the sink, then jump on my back. She rode me piggy back style down the aisle as all the passengers cheered.”

As Bobby notes, it could’ve been worse–such as the Harlem Line train where a man stood and screamed for several minutes at a fellow passenger who had apparently told him to keep his voice down on his phone. The YouTube link is embedded in Bobby’s post.

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