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True ‘Bombers’ Playing Yankee Stadium This Weekend

The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame of course face off against the Black Knights of Army this Saturday at Yankee Stadium, in the We Were Great a Half-Century Ago Bowl. Kickoff is 7 pm, and Metro-North is adding extra trains … Continue reading

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Ride With Pride: Yankeemobile Stands Tall

I must say, I didn’t expect to see the ol’ Yankeemobile at the train station today, after the Yankees’ ignominious distant second place finish in the ALCS against those fearsome Rangers from the Lone Star State. But there it was, … Continue reading

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‘Nostalgia Train’ Rides to Yankee Stadium Tonight

Three “Nostalgia Train” subways will roll from Grand Central to Yankee Stadium this week for the Bombers’ pursuit of another world America-plus-Toronto championship, reports Writes SAS: The four-car train is scheduled to leave an hour before game time. Tonight … Continue reading

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What Drives Yankee Fans Wild

Something’s been a little different the past month or so down at the train station. Yes, there’s been a hint of fall in the morning air. No, the town has not decided what to do with the station house. (Maybe … Continue reading

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Wither the Yankeemobile??

In a week during which elderly Yankee figures seem to be meeting their demise with frightening regularity, it is worth noting that the Yankeemobile of Hawthorne train station–the pinstriped, Yankee-logo-d Jeep Cherokee that graced the Hawthorne lot over the past … Continue reading

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We shared an earlier passage of Dennis Lehane’s The Given Day a few months back–which also had Babe Ruth drinking heavily on a train. It’s a big ol’ 700-pager, but it’s interesting. Lehane of course does those Boston-based crime novels that … Continue reading

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The Nothing To Do With Commuting Post: WORLD SERIES EDITION

This must happen fairly frequently. Say you’re C.C. Sabathia’s agent, and you need to keep C.C. in the loop on some business matter–say, reaching out to Myanmar to make sure they have enough cotton fabric to produce the star hurler’s ginormous … Continue reading

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