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Feet Off the Seat!

While Metro-North conductors occasionally implore our younger, less-mannered riders to kindly remove their size 11 Reeboks from the seat, the railroad took a curious tack in delivering a message to riders–putting bright yellow cut-outs of bare feet, the big toe … Continue reading

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Enjoying a Little Cheesecake on the 6:59

The 6:59 ambled along toward Hummerville and Priusville as the sun went down. I shifted in my seat, perhaps to take┬ásomething out of my pocket. Stiffening my back a bit, I happened to peer over the seat in front of … Continue reading

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A Taste of the Reel World

I step onto the 8:16 in Hummerville and take my seat. A young guy takes the seat cattycorner to me. The guy across the aisle from him–right in front of me–starts saying “Michael…Michael!” “Michael” looks up from his Post, spends … Continue reading

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