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Pleasantville Second ‘Smelliest’ ‘City’ in World

Fresh off its Best Damn Commuter Town Period title, Pleasantville was named second smelliest city in America by GQ. OK, this is ridiculous. I just can’t imagine that Pleasantville smells any different than Chappaqua or Valhalla or even a little … Continue reading

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A Pleasant Place to Get Your ‘Bouch’ On

The ‘After’ picture of Bouchon’s $10 cheese plate It was the Missus’s birthday yesterday, so the rest of the family did our best to make the day special for our peerless matriarch. (For Little G and Little Miss C, it … Continue reading

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I’m CooCoo For New Metro-North Texting Service

The morning was a bit weird. It was Little G’s “graduation” from pre-school up in Priusville (can any male of a certain age hear “Pomp and Circumstance” anymore without thinking of “Animal House”?), so I attended, then shot over to … Continue reading

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Captain Lawrence Departing Pleasantville

Captain Lawrence Brewery, one of the factors that helped Pleasantville win our Best Commuter Town poll a few years ago, has announced it’s moving a few miles south to Greenburgh, reports AOL’s Pleasantville Patch. The move should wrap up by … Continue reading

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‘Hyperlocal’ Westchester Sites Launch

A batch of Westchester town sites launched today, including The Daily Mount Pleasant. It looks like there are about 30 community sites under the “Daily Westchester” header, covering local schools, crime, sports, real estate and, occasionally, bits related to transit, … Continue reading

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Postcards From the Edge…of the Platform

IRideTheHarlemLine has some RAD old post cards depicting¬†Harlem Line train stations from days of yore. Check ’em out. ¬† Hawthorne! ? Pleasantville!

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Riding With the Captain

Today’s the work Christmas holiday party. I remember the old days, when the company would rent some grand hall and supply enough food and booze for a Russian army regiment. Then, the more recent days, when companies did without the … Continue reading

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