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Rapping, Harmonica Playing Conductor Entertains Riders

A conductor who appears to be working on a LIRR train gave a little performance, including harmonica, a “hat trick” involving his blue chapeau, (mercifully short) rapping, and some Borscht Belt humor, to riders recently. The video is posted on … Continue reading

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Railroads Expand Seats to Meet Expanding Rider Girth

Call it the space race: as riders get bigger and fatter, railroads are forced to factor in larger seat space to their designs for new cars. (The airlines conveniently overlook America’s expanding derriere volume.) New Jersey Transit plans to add … Continue reading

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Eleven Charged in ‘Enormous’ LIRR Disability Scheme

Eleven people were charged yesterday in what the NY Times calls an “enormous” fraud scheme in which it became normal for Long Island Railroad workers to claim disability, often regardless of, ya know, actual disabilities, and qualify for lucrative benefits. … Continue reading

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Is Metro-North the ‘Chattiest’ Commuter Railroad?

Perhaps you saw it in yesterday’s NY Times–a story about subway platforms wired for cellphone usage. Reporter Michael Grynbaum, at the end of the article, takes a look at the commuter railroads, and mentions Metro-North–which he says is “notorious for … Continue reading

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Governor: Get Your Butt Off the Metro-North Platform

Smoking will be banned on Metro-North platforms 90 days from now, reports the Journal News, thanks to a bill Governor Cuomo signed into law yesterday. The measure also covers Long Island Railroad platforms. Reports JN: Smokers will be prohibited from … Continue reading

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Tunnel Boring Machine Condemned to Life in Hell

The infamous “cutter” tunnel-boring machine has nearly reached the end of its mission, and will be rewarded for its hard slog by being entombed under Park Avenue South for, conceivably, eternity. The 200-ton drill, which will bring New Jersey Transit … Continue reading

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I’m CooCoo For New Metro-North Texting Service

The morning was a bit weird. It was Little G’s “graduation” from pre-school up in Priusville (can any male of a certain age hear “Pomp and Circumstance” anymore without thinking of “Animal House”?), so I attended, then shot over to … Continue reading

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