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Turtle Terrors Tie Up Transit

First it was the mating turtles causing delays at JFK, and now it’s those pesky shelled reptiles clogging up the Metro-North train tracks. Yes, the new Mileposts, your source of monthly breaking Metro-North news, reports that a large number of … Continue reading

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‘Broken Tracks’ Slow Harlem Line Commute

We knew something was up just after we left White Plains at 8:28 this morning, the train positively crawling along as it quixotically (Editor’s Note: First time “quixotically” has ever appeared on Trainjotting) crawled toward the city. We limped through Hartsdale … Continue reading

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My Trip Home When the Harlem Line Was Out, Or, Putting the Tax in Taxi

I’d walked to Grand Central  Friday under a black cloud shaped like a Mohawk haircut; clear skies over the East River and the Hudson, angry thunderheads roofing the middle of Manhattan. I thought of potential dry spots to duck into along … Continue reading

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Surprise Winner in On-Time Race, and New Haven Riders Have Long Wait For New Cars

Longest headline ever, or what? The new Mileposts is out, which Trainjotting readers know tickles TJ to no end. Among this month’s factoids and findings: The winner in February’s on-time performance race was, for once, not the darling Hudson Line. … Continue reading

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New MTA Timetable: Hudson Line Cements Favorite Son Status

The Hudson Line, the darling of the Metro-North trinity, gets a whopping 41 more trains each week when the spring timetable goes into action April 6. All told, Metro-North is adding an extra 67 trains each week to keep up … Continue reading

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Noah Got Nothing On Us

I couldn’t tell if the deejay on the Peak this morning said “drenching rains” or “trenchant rains,” but either applies. MTA Service Advisory #1 landed in my email at 8:14 this morning, right around when one puts one’s Blackberry in … Continue reading

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Ask Engine Bob

Q: Engine Bob, a couple of years ago I got into an argument with a New Haven Line conductor over something stupid. I had missed my morning southbound Harlem Line train at Fordham Road. A New Haven train pulled in … Continue reading

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