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CTRider Gets an Earful…and a Noseful

It only takes a person or two to completely destroy the normally curteous routines of silence and isolation that the everyday commuter cherishes. The evening was starting out great.  I had just wrapped up a productive day in the office, … Continue reading

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Mind the Gap. No Really, Mind the F***ing Gap!

The much-feared gap between train and platform claimed another victim early this morning, as a woman tumbled under the platform in Rye (more like Whiskey & Rye) around 2 a.m. New Rochelle Man Mugged… I mean the Journal News…has the … Continue reading

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CTRider Has Iron Pectate For Dinner

Yesterday’s Mileposts sparked some interesting dinner conversation at my house last night.  Who wouldn’t be inspired to discuss iron pectate?   Anyhow, Metro-North’s reminder of the ‘difficult’ fall season made my wife and I realize that every season is difficult for Metro-North … Continue reading

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CTRider Crazy From the Diesel Fumes

October is nearly here, and the hottest part of the year is now behind us, thank God. Unfortunately, I ride the dilapidated New Haven line with its 20+ year old cars that have been in the process of being replaced since … Continue reading

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CTRider Wants His $308 Back

[Continuation of CTRider’s Miserable Commute]    So I thought we’d just be a little bit delayed. They got the train off and running with 6 cars. Then we stopped. And sat. After 5 minutes, the announcement proclaimed that there is … Continue reading

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Update On New Haven Line: Still Sucks

CTRider did not enjoy his ride home last night. Fun & Games on the 5:01….  Last week (or was it the week before?) we were still inside GCT, and there were a series of LOUD noises (I hesitate to use … Continue reading

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CTRider Has a Message for Sir Snores-a-Lot

Dear Sir Snores-a-lot,  You’re a Caucasian male, probably in your mid to late 30’s and have some kind of half-spiked blonde hair. You board the train at Fairfield. You’re usually on the 7:08 or the 7:24 and sit towards the rear … Continue reading

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