At Least *Someone* at Metro-North Is Sorry

A Metro-North conductor is the darling of the beleaugured railroad these days, though likely catching some heat from corporate, after issuing a written apology to riders and leaving his missive on the seats.

Thirty year MNR vet Michael Shaw left a note on every seat on the 6:52 am out of New Haven yesterday, apologizing for giving erroneous information about there being an express train just behind the train he was on.

“I made a huge mistake in telling you, MY/OUR passengers to ‘trust me and wait for the express train behind us,’ not knowing Metro-North had canceled it,” Shaw wrote. “I will never make this mistake again.”

Shaw told the NY Times:

“I knew Monday morning they were going to ask me a million questions. I thought, ‘How can I apologize?’ And Metro-North does that. They put out letters on the seats when they have an incident that affects a lot of people. I just took their idea and made it my own.”

Metro-North applaued Shaw’s compassion, but not his method. The railroad said in a statement: “While we share his concerns, we do not condone his methods of communicating them.”

Shaw, tweeting from @shawdogs65, said the reaction to his notes has been a bit overwhelming: “Never thought apologizing 4 something I did wrong would be press worthy.”

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