An Open Letter to Metro-North Riders

It’s been a pretty horrendous year or so for Metro-North. Derailments. Delays. More delays. Crowded cars.

We are frustrated. And sometimes we take it out on the conductors.

A Metro-North conductor addresses such treatment in an open letter to passengers–and to the incoming Metro-North president.

Bobby McDonough says conductors too want trains to be on time, and clean, and full of seats. He writes:

So, as enjoyable as it is to verbally berate your conductor, or however thrilling it is to give the finger to your engineer when he pulls into your station 15 minutes late, remember…WE’RE NOT THE PROBLEM! Could we apologize for the delays a little more frequently?  Sure we could!  Could we be a little more pleasant? Certainly!  But remember, we’re human too folks, and you are far from the first or last person that day to growl at us…call us hurtful names… or refuse to pay for this “terrible service.”

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