When Fares Were Fair

sked2With our elected leaders seeing fit to expand the amount of pay we can deduct for transit expenses, I was poking around the Metro-North site, finding out precisely how much I cough up for my monthly ticket.

Well, that apparently depends on which page I access on the Metro-North site.

According to this one, we Zone 5’ers, including commuters out of Tarrytown, Ossining, Chappaqua and Hawthorne, pay $266 a month.

But I have to say–I like this one better, where the Zone 5 peeps pay a mere $163 a month.

With Metro-North is playing up its 30 year anniversary this month, I can’t help but wonder what year it was where a monthly ticket out of Hawthorne cost just $163.

1998? ’99? Earlier?

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2 Responses to When Fares Were Fair

  1. Emily says:

    Holy crapzilla that must be old! $257 for Wassaic? Wassaic monthly is pushing $500 now! Their website really needs an overhaul… so many errors, out of date info, etc. If only they’d hire me…

  2. Emily says:

    (btw it can’t be older than 2000, that is when Wassaic station opened)

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