Trainjotting Turned Six

This could be the lamest anniversary celebration ever.

Late last week Trainjotting quietly turned six. We honestly just figured this out.

In years past, we made a big deal out of our milestone, even publishing a note from Metro-North that called the site “a marvel of minutia.”

We’ve lost some steam, and for that we are sorry.

We can owe our recent slackerly output to more work, more family commitments (Scouts! Pinewood Derby weigh in tonight! If we don’t make weight, Little G will kill me!), and most damningly, less enthusiasm for the maximilist detailing of the daily dramas on the rails.

We’re not big on New Year’s resolutions. For five years running, we vowed in the dawning days of January to master the one-handed egg-cracking seen most mornings at the deli. Never did it.

More recently, we resolved to master taking money from the ATM without turning off our iPod. Still working on it.

But we will promise to be a better blogger. To serve you, dear riders of the rails, with our Metro-North musings that range from the silly and stupid to the really silly and stupid.

I am forking over 18 bucks to commit to the URL for another year. And dammit, I plan to get my money’s worth.

Speaking of better bloggers, you simply have to check out what Emily at I Ride the Harlem Line is doing to mark the Grand Central Terminal centennial.

It’s awesome.

Her enthusiasm for commuter-related blogging reminds me of a guy I used to know.

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2 Responses to Trainjotting Turned Six

  1. Susan says:

    Happy birthday, Trainjotting!

  2. M&D says:

    Keep on bloggin TJ

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