Jersey Jim Could Use a Chris Christie Bear Hug

So the Adventure continues. Our Gladstone train line, west of Summit is still out of service UFN according to the NJT website. (UFN = Until Further Notice, although Utter Failure Nightly, is more accurate).
A free shuttle bus plan, tracing the Gladstone route, was created to get folks to the Summit train hub, but when I biked to my stop Monday morning to catch the shuttle bus, I happened upon a very cold and angry line of commuters, who had been waiting for nearly forty minutes for a shuttle. After I waited about twenty minutes, a bus arrived, and shuttled us just over a mile to the Summit station.
When we got to the packed station, most folks were in a horrible Monday mood, having already missed the earlier train. A very apologetic NJ Transit agent was answering questions, and ensuring commuters that indeed a grievous mistake was made, and the shuttles did not start up at 6 am as advertised on the NJ Transit website. He assured everyone that Monday evening’s shuttle buses would be working properly and to please e-mail NJ Transit with complaints.
A double-decker train soon arrived, and the station and platform poured into the cars, and we were finally off. Many stops awaited, and it soon became standing-room-only. Can’t wait to do it again tomorrow.
Uncle Floyd Namaste

aka jerseyjim

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