JerseyJim Embraces the Suck

New Jersey’s New Normal
Here in the aftermath of Super-Sandy, it has been quite an adventure for New Jersey commuters. Since Monday, I’ve joined the masses of people pouring into Newark Penn Station and the Port Authority, on packed trains and NJT buses.

Things have been very crowded, and very slow, but orderly. Given the damage across the state, it will be some time before our train lines are running, and the time frame seems too soon to call.

Most riders like myself, are just happy to be returning to a house with restored power, and avoiding the gas lines as much as possible.

Some shocking post-Sandy photos have been posted on New Jersey Transit’s website, which best describe the days of heavy-lifting ahead.

– jerseyjim

[image: NJT]

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2 Responses to JerseyJim Embraces the Suck

  1. jjkapp says:

    testing how to use/acknowledge this blog. (blogs are not yet
    part of my computer savvy).

  2. jjkapp says:

    testing the world of blogs. Read Jersey Jim’s jot on
    getting home safely

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