Saluting Hawthorne’s Finest

I popped in on little downtown Hawthorne’s newest establishment, the boldly titled Hawthorne’s Finest Barber Shop. It’s a bold title because Hawthorne, despite a fairly limited number of commercial establishments, features several places to get a haircut, such as Livia’s, where Livia is one of the nicest people you’ll meet, and New Creations, where the vibe is straight outta Jersey Shore.

Alex owns Hawthorne’s Finest, and his son Jacob, 21, pitches in as well while going to college. “My grandpa taught me how to cut hair,” he told me. “Now I teach my son.”

Alex comes from Queens; before that, it was Uzbekistan.

Alex specializes in male cuts: adult heads are $15, seniors are $13, and kids are $12.

Unlike most everyone in the area, he doesn’t have roots in Mount Pleasant. He was working in Queens when a customer told him of a vacant retail space in Hawthorne. He checked it out, and decided to open up his business here, in the former dusty stationery join D Shoppe. The father of 5, he drives each day from Queens.

Alex is going for an old school barber experience: the red, white and blue spinning pole outside, the restored antique chairs, a hot towel for every customer.

He’s taken to his new surroundings. “People are very, very friendly, very warm,” he says. “I love this place–this is my home now.”

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