Smells Like Team Spirit

The Missus was amused to find an ad for Yankee-flavored cologne and perfume at Hawthorne station yesterday.

Noted the NY Times when the scents, at $62 for the big bottle, were released:

It’s practically a Zen koan: what is the smell of 27 World Series championships?

What exactly is the smell of the Yankees? Based on their ALCS performance after three games, you are certainly not out of line with an Eau de Toilette joke or two.

The product development veep behind it told the Times:

The cologne is a “fresh wood fragrance” that “really captures a fresh, clean element on top with citrus notes and aromatic notes,” Ms. Mullarkey said, “with woodiness, earthy patchouli and aromatic suede.” She called the perfume “a sparkling gourmand,” with floral notes and a flavorful muskiness.

Mariano Rivera and Curtis Granderson were appointed “ambassadors” to the scents at the beginning of the season. Rivera is, of course, out for the year with a torn up knee.

Granderson, meanwhile, has struck out 24 times in 18 at bats in the ALCS.

But he smells woodsy, citrusy and divine.

[Photo: The Missus]

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