Rate Hikes Proposed

Under a new MTA proposal, Metro-North rates would go up 8-9%.

In other words, figure out 10% of your monthly pass, add that to your total, and subtract a few bucks.

LoHud’s Commuter Life blog does the math:

A monthly pass on the New Haven line from New Rochelle to Grand Central could jump from $204 to $222 – an 8.9 percent increase ­­—while a weekly ticket could go from $65.25 to $71.00.

Meanwhile, riders who take the train from White Plains to Grand Central and currently pay $229 for their monthly pass would have to hand over an additional $20 a month under the proposed changes. A weekly ticket on that route would rise from $73.25 to $79.75.

Again, this is a proposal–the thing they do before they make things official. The board rules on the proposals in December, and they would go into effect in March.

The MTA noted in its release about the proposed hikes that it has been in the midst of “an era of successful and unprecedented MTA management actions to cut controllable expenses.”

So successful and unprecedented were these cuts that its 2012 spending will be all of 0.3% less than 2011.

You’re welcome, riders.

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