Yankees’ Offense, and Chartered Train, Sputter

Amtrak had a chance to win over some high earning rail riders the other night, but failed to, as the metaphor goes, get the run in from third base. The Yankees had a chartered train lined up to go from Baltimore to New York after their 3-2 loss Monday, but the train went (puffer) belly up.

Writes the NY Times:

The train’s departure out of Baltimore’s Pennsylvania Station was delayed until around 2 a.m. Tuesday morning. After it left the station, the train struggled with intermittent electrical problems for about 30 minutes until the players and staff heard a bang, the lights went out and a smoky smell filled the cars.       

“About 2:30, 2:35, you noticed that we started having some electrical issues again, and you noticed that the train was slowing down,” Manager Joe Girardi said. “It just seemed like we were coasting, and we kind of coasted into Aberdeen, I guess.”       

The players, coaches and staff members left the train there, and Ben Tuliebitz, the Yankees’ traveling secretary, called the bus drivers who had ferried the team from Camden Yards to the train station and told them to come rescue them.       

At 3:30, the ballplayers boarded buses at Aberdeen station, and arrived in the Bronx at 6:15.

“You’d think that a city this close in proximity would be easy to get between,” Girardi said, “but not today.”       

Alas, you can’t blame the train trouble on A-Rod.

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2 Responses to Yankees’ Offense, and Chartered Train, Sputter

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