Metro-North Adding 79 Trains a Week

The MTA, not nearly as broke as it has been in years past, is adding 79 trains a week when the new fall timetables come out October 14.

The trains are primarily added to off-peak and weekend routes, which means regular commuters won’t likely see a big boost in service.

Combined with another 151 new trains each week coming in April 2013, said Metro-North, it represents the biggest service enhancement in Metro-North Railroad history.

“Metro-North is thrilled to be adding service and increasing frequency in the time periods when customers want more choices,” said Metro-North President Howard Permut. “Half-hourly service in the off-peak and on weekends will make the railroad a more attractive choice than it already is.  The combination of 98% on-time performance and frequent train service will make Metro-North the preferred way to get around and we expect people will vote with their feet.”

The October plan adds 69 trains East of Hudson and 10 West of Hudson, including 15 additional weekday and 30 additional weekend trains on the New Haven Line, 24 additional weekend trains on the Harlem Line and 10 additional weekday trains on the Pascack Valley.

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