Record Number of Riders Really Like Metro-North

Metro-North riders gave the railroad a 93% satisfaction rating this year, tying its record score in 2010, and blowing past, like a rookie conductor going rogue through Westport, last year’s 89% satisfaction rate.

The saggy 2011 numbers were due in large part to extreme weather, says MNR.

Furthermore, 40% of riders are “very satisfied” with the train service this year.

In the category of on-time performance, satisfaction increased to 91% in 2012 from 88% in

2011. Satisfaction among peak customers was 92%, while the very satisfied numbered 38%.

Satisfaction on the Hudson Line was 96%, the Harlem Line 97%, and the New

Haven Line 88%.

Satisfaction on the reverse peak commute improved over 2011 but did not come back to its 2010 level.

Metro-North says it will “conduct research in this very important and growing market” to get to the bottom of the reverse peak problem.

Riders were surveyed in June.

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