G’ Day for Writing about Commuting

Check this out–another Trainjotting transit blog, and this one based in Australia.

“Train Jotting” is “a blog about live, love and how to survive on public transport.”

It’s run by a Melbourne woman named Heidi Catherine, who launched the site at the beginning of the year with three goals in mind:

1. Write in a blog.

Assessment – success! Look at all these posts full of my slightly bizarre thoughts. I feel like I’ve really worked out some of my issues and it hasn’t cost me a cent.

[Isn’t it funny how they say “write in a blog” down in Aussie, whereas we say “write a blog”? And how they say “mate,” while we just say “friend” or “dude”?]

2. Stop wasting so much money parking in the city and catch the train to work.

Assessment – success! This also resulted in me embarking on a most unexpectedly thrilling journey through the fascinating world of public transport.

3. Find a new job and never look at Mr McDonald’s face again!

Assessment – success! Well sort of. Even if it didn’t happen in the way I’d planned.

Adds Ms. Catherine, who curiously writes under the pen name Natasha Evans, then admits she does so right on the home page:

I never would have believed my life could change so much for the better in such a short space of time. I just wish I could change some of my life on the train for the better as well.

The Aussie Train Jotting is written in Ten Commandments style, with each post starting with Thou Shall. (“Thou Shall Buy a Bloody Ticket!”, Thou Shall Offer Your Seat,” etc.)

Here’s Natasha’s take on the scourge of the various hogs–ticket machine hog, window hog, etc.–on the train.


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