Word of the Week: DOORKS

DOORKS /DORRKZ/ noun: Inexperienced train riders who, when attempting to move from car to car through the interior doors, pull, then push, then pull, then lock, then unlock, then push and pull again, before stepping aside to allow a more experienced rider to open the door for them.

Usage: I enjoyed watching a doork try every conceivable way to open the door for about five minutes, before a Good Samaritan showed them that you just have to pull on the handle really hard.

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1 Response to Word of the Week: DOORKS

  1. Tyler says:

    On Boston’s commuter rail, all our exterior doors are manually operated by the conductors (or at terminal stations, passengers), and most of our stations have low platforms that require the conductors to open the “trap” exposing stairs down to the ground. This has to be done in a specific order: Door first, trap second.

    I was on an understaffed train a while back and the conductors were making repeated announcements asking passengers not to open their own doors. Some doork disregarded that and tried to open a door/trap set in the wrong order, and I really enjoyed his failure.

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