Coming to ‘Terms’ With Commuting

So as I’ve blathered about endlessly, I’ve come up with some 70 words and phrases, with help from some friends, about the commuting life. I put them in, as I’ve blathered about endlessly, a little book called The New York Commuter’s Glossary.

But I’ve got a lot more unique commuting situations that need terms, and I can’t come up with good ones.

So I open it up to you. Shoot me a good word/term for the following definitions, and if it’s good enough to be used on Trainjotting, and likely in a second edition of The New York Commuter’s Glossary, I will send you a copy of the book.

Furthermore, if you have a good unique commuting situation that’s not covered in my book, send it along. Better yet, if you have a good unique commuting situation AND a clever word/phrase for it, send that along.

Here goes.

* The people who prepare to exit the train, only to learn that they are not in one of the cars where all the doors open, whereupon they go bolting madly toward the cars with open doors. I see this at Valhalla once or twice a week. What’s a good word for those people or that situation?

* The prematurely offered ticket stub a conductor gives you, before you’ve shown your monthly, because you’re dressed OK and don’t look crazy and therefore must have a valid monthly ticket on you.

* This one has vexed me for years. Initially, I deemed the men who wear sneakers and suits to walk to and from the train “Armanikes”–a mashup of, yes, Armani and Nike. But that one is tough for people to understand just by looking at it. Maybe Armaneebok or something? Help! (Funny how dudes always get upset when I make fun of the suits-and-sneakers look. But shy of broken bones/1st degree burns in your foot, you really can’t defend it.)

* The guy/gal chowing down the multicourse meal, usually of an odoriferous nature, on a packed train.

* Having your stop skipped entirely by the conductor. (Being “Westported” to another land, as it seems to happen a lot to Westport’s commuters?)

So have at it. I won’t be on Trainjotting for a few days, so chew on them, spit them out, play around with them some more, and come up with something riotous.

I’m depending on you.

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1 Response to Coming to ‘Terms’ With Commuting

  1. box o chocolates says:

    sneakers + suits = Forrest Gump

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