‘Westported’ to Pleasantville

I’ve followed with interest the commuters out of Westport, and the New Haven Line’s unfortunate habit of skipping their stop after a long day of toil down in the city.

Well, I too was “Westported” yesterday, along with about 20 riders, as we sought to exit the 5:27 at Hawthorne, were met with locked doors, and ended up 3 miles down the track in Pleasantville.

It seemed like a typical ride home, arriving at Hawthorne the usual two minutes late. The Hawthorners stood at the doors, waiting for them to open, and waiting some more. The train inched forward; I figured the conductor had missed the right spot on the platform.

The train then picked up speed, and Hawthorne was promptly in the rear view mirror.

I couldn’t tell if some of the doors opened, and only us in the rear few cars were locked out.

Either way, we were on our way to Pleasantville. Which isn’t the worst place to be stuck. Consider the name: Pleasantville. Sure beats Hicksville.

The grumbling riders, all male, whipped out phones and arranged pickups in Pleasantville.

They really didn’t need to; the southbound train was coming in five minutes.

I got on for my short ride back to Hawthorne.

This time, it stopped–arriving just as the later train out of Gotham, the 5:46, pulled into the station.

The detour cost us about 15 minutes.

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1 Response to ‘Westported’ to Pleasantville

  1. Emily says:

    Haha, was wondering if you were on the train last night when that happened. Unfortunately, the doors on the front of the train opened, so nobody knew that you guys were stuck towards the back. If the conductor forgets their key in the panel (which is what happened last night) it messes with the doors on opening (usually this is done purposely, so certain doors don’t open on short platforms). Not sure how long the guy has been working for MN (a rookie mistake!), but he wasn’t the train’s regular conductor.

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