Westport Voted Least Favorite Stop by Metro-North Conductors

You’ve heard of flyover states–that casually arrogant name we coastal types have given those heartland states starting with I’s and O’s. Apparently there’s a flyover town in our region as well, as Westport–once again–was bypassed by a Metro-North train full of riders Friday, some of whom damn well thought they were getting out in Westport.

The blog “06880–Where Westport Meets the World” has some comments from neglected Westporters.

Commented Susan Schmidt:

Yessiree…picking up my relatives from the Westport stop…and it just went rolling through! Try driving up to Fairfield to collect them on a busy Friday (holiday) weekend. Yikes! Sounds like MetroNorth at least admitted their mistake this time. Surely this takes them a few more steps through the 12 step program.

This also happened the week before, reported our Connecti-spondent, Saugatucker.

The train operator stopped at South Norwalk and then proceeded to blow past Westport and did not stop until Fairfield,” one Westport rider told Westport Now. “Quite a few passengers -–30 to 40 people—were displaced, and some of them even confronted the train operator who did not apologize or acknowledge his mistake.”

[image: cbwestporthomes.com]

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