Tarrytown Charging For Pinstriped Parking

Yankee fans have come to terms with spending upwards of $35 to park at the Stadium. The money, they know, goes toward the next eight year contract for a free agent star.

But the Yankee parking fees have crept into Westchester County as well, as the Village of Tarrytown has irked some Yankee fans by charging $10 to park in the train station lot on game day, reports Patch.

Patch says 100 spots are blocked off for Yankee parkers, with regular commuters forced to walk to a different, and further away, lot to park for the train.

It appears as though the practice has been going on since Metro-North set up a Yankee Stadium stop on the Hudson Line. The village and the company that collects the fees, Pro Park, split the revenue.

Tarrytown residents are exempt from the Yankee tax, says the Tarrytown mayor.

Michael Cohen, of Rockland County, who regularly commutes by way of Tarrytown, supplied some perspective on Patch:

Two years ago, they decided to start charging when there were home Yankee games. I argued with them that they were discriminating against Yankee fans. Parking signs clearly said ‘Yankee Parking.’ Why don’t they charge when people are going to the Mets game or to a Rangers game – or even to see an opera. Well, they solved that problem by removing the word ‘Yankees’ from all their signs and just show up when the Yankees are in town. So much for free parking at night and on the weekends.

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