IRidetheHarlemLine Loves the Hudson Line

Emily, our pal over at the Metro-North blog, is ticking off Hudson Line stations one by one as she endeavors to visit/photograph/art up each and every Metro-North station.

This week, she focuses on Dobbs Ferry, perhaps best known as hometown of Mark Zuckerberg.

Emily digs the Dobbs, thanks in part to its proximity to the mighty Hudson, and some cool Arts For Transit pieces.

She writes:

Welcome to Dobbs Ferry, one of the lovely Hudson Line stations with a great view of the mighty Hudson River. On the fourth of July, I spent the day exploring the Hudson Line, but ended up spending most of my time here. The waterfront view is quite lovely, and adjacent to the station is the aptly named Waterfront Park – reason enough for you to come and visit this place. Though the station used by Metro-North particularly noteworthy (besides the nice Arts for Transit piece), the old station building still stands and is a lovely piece of railroad architecture.

[image: IRidetheHarlemLine

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