Train Skips Stop, Riders Irate

It’s really the last thing you want to deal with when you board a train at 8 p.m., have a long ride ahead of you, and just want to get home.

Yet some Westporters were displeased, to say the least, when the Metro-North train they were last night on blew past Westport with no explanation, reports WestportNow.

“The train operator stopped at South Norwalk and then proceeded to blow past Westport and did not stop until Fairfield,” said the Westport rider, who requested anonymity, in an email to WestportNow.

“Quite a few passengers -–30 to 40 people—were displaced, and some of them even confronted the train operator who did not apologize or acknowledge his mistake.”

The riders massed at the cab stand in Fairfield, hoping for a ride back to Westport.

Our own Connecti-spondent Saugatucker shot the above pic.

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