Good Things Brewing in Penn Station

Most commuters would probably say that arriving into/departing Grand Central Terminal, versus Penn Station, is worth a few percentage points of their salary each year.

Yet here’s one category where Penn Station wins: Pints of draft beer to go.

Sure, Grand Central has the fabulous Beer Table Pantry, with a wide assortment of craft brew bottles and (expensive) drafts in growler size.

But Penn has 24 taps, most of them fairly exotic ones, to go in pints, 20 oz., even 32 oz. for those really tough days at work. (Uh, after those really tought days at work, that is.) The beer stand, (wo)manned by an attractive young lady when I passed by today, is also smack in the middle of Penn–right across the concourse from the ticket windows.

Besides Beer Table, which took me a year to find due to its not exactly front and center proximity across from Track 13, there are the Grand Central beer guys, with a modest array of beer bottles. (For the record, it was not me me who scribbled a gratuitous “D-Bag” on the forehead of the beer guy in the poster to the left.)

Decision, Penn Station.

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