‘Commuter Glossary’ Now Available in Grand Central!

We are quite pleased to report that our very own “The New York Commuter’s Glossary,” the humorous dictionary of daily rail-rider terms, is now available in the very place where the idea was hatched: Grand Central Terminal.

You can now find the book at Pylones–the funky high end gift shop located on the west side of Grand Central’s ground floor–near the escalators heading to the lower level, and next to the Transit Museum.

The book sells for $10.

Here’s the Pylones description on its website:

Founded in France in 1985, Pylones (pronounced pea-lone), delights consumers everywhere with thoughtful designs and innovative twists on everyday objects. Pylones shops are renowned for their ingenious window displays and a festive environment mixing humor and whimsy with smile-inducing and practical products that address every aspect of life including home, office, playtime, personal grooming and even pets.

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