Bricks Tumble Outside Grand Central, Somehow No One Hurt

If you’ve bought our New York Commuter’s Glossary, you know what the term is for the nexus of 42nd and Park Ave. South, where dangerous decisions are often made in the name of catching a soon to depart train.

Now there’s a new wrinkle to “Perishing Square,” after a truck struck a wall above Grand Central yesterday, and sent debris–the brick and concrete variety–raining down on the street in front of Grand Central.

Gothamist has photos and video. Somehow, no one was hurt.

Reports the Post:

Driver Joe He’bert, 42, said he was just trying to find his way out of the city when blew past the “Passenger Cars Only” sign on Park Avenue and went up the overpass that wraps around the building around 4:20 p.m.

“It was tight,” He’bert said of the right-hand turn where the truck, owned by Western Express Inc., colided with the railing. But, he said, “I was more worried about hitting vehicles.”

As Gothamist rightly notes, ‘tight’  “is the word one might use if your truck didn’t hit a concrete barrier, almost killing or maiming a bunch of people.”

[image: Gothamist]

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