Best Commuting Town Poll Not Necessarily Dead

So I’d sort of shelved the latest iteration of my every few years Best Commuting Town poll, as it appeared those Larchmont types were stuffing the ballot box–so game were they to retain their 2010 title.

I did get a thoughtful nomination for Tarrytown, and here it is.

I highly recommend Tarrytown ny. It has an express train to grand central (31 mins), driving into manhattan on the weekend takes about the same. The village was just voted one of the prettiest in the country by Forbes. We have a good mix of restaurants including Mint which was just voted best new restaurant in Westchester. The Tarrytown music hall has music and other entertainment and coffee labs serves the best coffee around. In addition there are ample biking and walking paths (Rockefeller state park, the old croton aqueduct and the Hudson riverwalk). The public schools are pretty good and there are tons of private and parochial school options in the area. Overall Tarrytown is a good value especially for younger people. For better schools with the same commute try neighboring pocantico hills or Irvington school districts.

So keep the nominations coming.

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1 Response to Best Commuting Town Poll Not Necessarily Dead

  1. Sean says:

    I’m one of the Larchmont ‘ballot stuffers’. What’s not to like??

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