Times Heralds Subway Shufflers

Fun story about the anxious commuter dance at Herald Square in the NY Times, as riders guess which uptown Q, N or R train of two on opposite ends of the platform will depart first.

I am thinking of Tom Hanks in a movie, perhaps 20 years ago, perhaps Splash. He’s in a hurry and hits the elevator buttons, then stands in the middle of the elevator bank, dancing on his toes, arms extended, jazz hands, ready to pounce inside the first doors that open.

Writes the Times:

Every morning, during peak commuting periods, two trains often arrive at about the same time. Sometimes the express leaves first. Sometimes it is the local. Sometimes at least two local trains will depart before a single express does. Sometimes they move together. And virtually every time there is a decision to be made, riders scamper across the platform, groping for a competitive travel advantage even as they are unsure why they have made their choice.

“It’s a gamble that you take,” Michelle Price, 34, an investment adviser, said of the dash. “Sometimes you win; sometimes you don’t.”

This is really a story that is best shown, not described in words. So the Times offers an adorable little video, narrated by a seemingly dapper Englishman, showing the “conundrum facing subway riders” each day.

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