Yes, Posh Westport Has a Wrong Side of the Tracks

A handful of early a.m. Westport commuters were left huffing, and puffing, and grumbling, when a Metro-North train pulled up on the opposite track that it was supposed to, opened its doors for about a half second, then slammed them as the would-be riders were bolting up the steps and hustling for the train.

The Westport blog “06880”…uh, not quite the same ring to it as “90210”…has the story.

In what must be the fastest station stop ever recorded in Metro-North history — rivaling an Indy 500 pit stop (did the doors actually open?!) — the train pulls away. Not one of the many passengers for the 5:47 out of Westport made it onto the train. Not. One.

Adding insult to injury, blog author Bob called Metro-North to offer up a big blast of WTF?, and was hung up on.

We can only hope our Westport-based correspondent, Saugatucker, was not among them.

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