Even after almost six years of this commuting racket, you still see something you’ve never seen every now and then.

I was huffing it up Heartbreak Hill, near the elementary school, when I saw a most curious bit of roadkill in the middle of Broad.

A snake. A dead snake. It was squashed, but I could make out the head, the serpentine body. It was a tiny little guy.

I was going to whip out the Blackberry for a pic, but I was running late after having a post-work jar of pale ale at Churchills, and wanted to hustle home.

A squashed snake, but not my squashed snake.

I couldn’t wait to tell Little G; he loves snakes, and loves to tease me about my Indiana Jones-esque fear of them (it is, along with our mutual distaste for the Kate Capshaw character in Temple of Doom, the only thing in common with me and Indy.)

The snake is noteworthy, because we are in a suburb that’s been established for 60 years or more. It is around 25 miles from the Triboro Bridge. There are no forests around. I’ve heard of coyote sightings, but have never even seen so much as a deer in our neighborhood. We did have a pair of turkeys once, who pooped on my neighbor’s roof shortly after leaving our yard.

Growing up on Long Island, around 37 miles from the Midtown Tunnel, I saw two snakes in, oh, 15 years: one while mowing the lawn, and a dead one in the road.

On the other hand, the snake was about a hundred yards from the front yard of the elementary school, where the grass and brush grow thick atop the mound of dirt established when the school was expanded years ago. I may never take the shortcut through the overgrown front lawn when walking to Little G’s school ever again.

I got home. The kiddies were sitting in beach chairs in the back yard, in their underwear, eating popcorn. They told me about their day–venturing to the awesome dino playground across state lines in Greenwich. I forgot about the snake. Until I rode again this morning.

I will photograph him this eve, because no story of  squashed snake is complete without a photo of said snake.

[other snake image: danlhernandez.com]

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