This Way to the Bar Car

This is genius.

Y’all probably know about the text-alerting service Clever Commute, which taps crowdsourcing to tell you when your train is running late, and can also shoot you your track number via text message when you’re huffing it to Grand Central with about 8 seconds to spare.

But for those lucky enough to be on the trains with bar cars (and, truly, it is the only reason to be thankful you ride the Beleaguered New Haven Line), Clever Commute will text you exactly where to find your beloved bar car.

You can also get it via Twitter by following @cc_mnr_bar_nh (not the prettiest Twitter handle, but it works).

The tweets look something like this…in fact, they look exactly like this, since I just copied/pasted it. From last Thursday:

526 608 807 907 and the 531 and 614 stamford locals

It is a little more high-tech than the black marker on paper signs Metro-North uses to indicate the bar car trains.

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1 Response to This Way to the Bar Car

  1. G. Francis says:

    So it turns out that *none* of the bar car trains stop anywhere before Harrison. Awesome so almost all NY Sound Shore commuters get all of the horror of the New Haven Line without any of the benefits.


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