No Seat? No Ticket!

Conn-tributor ConnecticEnergy seems to have a knack for attracting strange flare-ups on his ride to/from Stamford each day. He relates a recent New Haven Line story where the morning train out of Stamford arrived, and was ridiculously jammed; making matters worse, it was one of those 95 degree days (they all seem to blend together these days), the AC was balky, and the doors shut before anyone had a chance to get off and wait for the next train.

A well dressed woman of about 50 stood near Connectic. She seemed shaken by the tight crowd, the heat, the prospect of spending the next 50 minutes jammed cheek by jowl with fellow Nutmeg State types.

“I’m not giving my ticket for this ride,” she said defiantly to herself, and everyone within earshot.

“Don’t worry–when it’s this crowded, they never come around for tickets,” said a fellow rider.

Alas, a conductor did come through, asked the woman for her ticket, and got the foreshadowed pushback.

He said he’d send the boss around in a bit if she continued to resist.

Indeed, the senior conductor  came through a minute later, face twisted into a scowl.

She explained how her ticket was good for a seat on an air-conditioned car; as she was getting neither on this particular jaunt, she told him, she would not give up her ticket. (Indeed, No. 2 on the Passenger Bill of Rights reads: “Passengers deserve a seat, not just a ride.”)

The senior conductor informed her that he would not hesitate to throw her off the train. Not escort her off the train, or ask her to leave the train, relates ConnecticEnergy. “Throw her off the train.” In quotes.

Near tears, the woman coughed up her ticket.

She did receive numerous shows of support from her fellow riders once the saturnine conductor man exited the car. She explained her mild case of vertigo to the other passengers, her instability in the face of claustrophobic situations.

One noted that mentioning a medical condition likely would’ve resulted in a bit more patience–and perhaps even a seat–from the conductor.

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