A Little Praise For ‘The New York Commuter’s Glossary”

We got some kind words from a real-deal writer, Robert Klara, author of FDR’s Funeral Train, about our own New York Commuter’s Glossary.

Robert is an old pal, and was once the “Engine Bob” columnist on this very site–well before the allure of actual remuneration for his painstaking research and well-crafted prose sent him on to larger things than Trainjotting.

Robert says:

Straight from the agony of the middle seat comes this extremely funny and genuinely insightful lexicon drawn from the unique, socio-psychological experience that is commuting by train. I was a commuter for nearly 10 years and experienced things like “Seatenfreude” in the company of many “Assengers” but never knew what in hell to call it. Thanks, Mike Malone, for illuminating the dark tunnels of commuter ignorance with this extremely clever stuff.
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