Conductor Wins Fan With ‘Stealth’ Stop on Express Train

Here’s a scenario that belongs in our glossary–getting on an express that you think is the local. (The Great Dexpression? OK, we’ll keep working on it.)

It happened yesterday on Metro-North, as it does every day. But this rider, a Larchmont woman, had the nerve to ask the conductor if he might save her the trip to Stamford and back.

Our friends at have the story:

I missed my train and in my haste to get the next I got on the express to Stamford by mistake and did not realize it until the conductor asked for my ticket and then told me I was on the wrong train (9:37 to Stamford express!! 1st stop Stamford!!) and next train back to Larchmont was not until 11 : 28ish?!
I tracked down Tom the Conductor. He told me he had already radioed the motor man on the train and requested a special stop so be ready, he would come back to get me (and that there was also someone else on the wrong train!)

So miraculously 5 min. later the train switched to the local track and made a stealth stop where only our car opened in larchmont and the 2 of us got off!!


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