Things I Was Thinking As I Rode to the Station This Morning

* Since school ended last week, the number of cars on the road at 8 a.m. is ridiculously reduced. I can often ride all the way from my house to the Chelsea bridge, around two-thirds of a mile, without passing a car. When school is in session, I’m often waiting at the Bradhurst intersection, dodging tardy Soccer Moms in SUVs at the elementary school entrance, and waiting again at the Elwood intersection.

Not to go all Inconvenient Truth on everyone, and–full disclosure–we drove Little G to kindergarten five or so times this year when we were simply running late–but (unlike Pleasantville) there are buses that go right by everyone’s homes each morning during the school year. Everyone’s got their reasons, but to propel your own 3,000 pounds of vehicle instead of putting Little Gianni/Gianna on a bus on a regular basis seems wasteful.

* A happy shoutout to the grandma-aged woman I saw mowing her lawn at the Elwood-Chelsea intersection this morning. Like they said last decade, you go, girl!

* Closer to the station, amidst all the rain last week, I was looking to pop into the new Hawthorne Station Grill after one drencher, to grab a plastic bag to put on my bike seat for the ride home. Alas, the cafe closes at 6 p.m. each weekday. Most commuters are not home by 6 p.m. If they’re serious about their dinner biz, and the call ahead/have dinner waiting for you biz, as they mentioned to me previously, the cafe principals should consider staying open until 7. Who really leaves an NYC job at 5 p.m. anymore?

* Finally, I see the Scotty Mac hot dog truck each morning, parked in a lot on Broadway, across from the station. “Best Dogs on the Block”, boasts the truck.

Obviously Scotty Mac goes somewhere each day, because claiming to have the best hot dogs on Hawthorne’s Broadway, which features a graveyard, rug store, auto parts store, church and dance studio, is like saying you’re the best breakdancer at the old folks home. I recall one commenter to Trainjotting, when Hawthorne was awarded worst train station in the tri-state, saying Hawthorne had the only Broadway in America with nothing going on.

* And of course, I was thinking about my new book this morning, and how people would find it an enjoyable read if they were to purchase it for the low, low price of $10.99.


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