Ten Reasons To Buy Our New Book

Sticking to our theme this week of mentioning our new New York Commuter’s Glossary whenever we can, while skipping other Trainjotting staples such as the flood related delay in the Bronx while coming home yesterday, and our lunch at former train station Valhalla Crossing today, we offer up 10 reasons why you should buy the book.

10. So you’ll sound more authoritative when you write me a glowing review on Amazon.

9. Because Emily from IRidetheHarlemLine.com designed it, and that girl can sling the text and images.

8. Because it is entirely possible that you have been reading Trainjotting for the past six years, or six days, and buying our book is the perfect way to acknowledge our efforts over here.

7. Because we all know someone who commutes into/around NYC. Perhaps that someone is even us.

6. It’s a chance to support independent publishing and bloodless monoliths (Amazon) all in one click.

5. The sooner everyone buys the book, the sooner I will stop posting on Trainjotting about how everyone should buy the book.

4. Even if you’re not a big fan of words, there are lots of fantastic illustrations from Valhalla’s own Joseph Walden.

3. So you can move my Amazon best-selling rank into the top #100,000.

2. Because you loved Sniglets as a kid.

1. For every 10 people who read it and say, this is stupid, you may be the one who says, hey, this is kind of funny!

The best way to buy the book is here.

The second best way to buy the book is here.

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