MTA: Don’t Call Our Beer Guys ‘Beer Guys’!

The MTA left thousands of fliers on the train seats this morning, repositioning the Grand Central beer cart guys as much, much more than purveyors of frostly Bud tallboys.

Indeed, you might never even know the beer guys sell beer, based on both the photo on the flier, and the verbiage.

The MTA is doing its part to make people less obese, and is playing up its “new array of refreshing beverages and healthy snacks,” including organic juices, nutrition bars, raw nuts and gourmet chips.

The photo shows a beer guy in his smart new commisary outfit (as one conductor told me, the preferred put down when approaching a Nehru jacket-clad beer guy is “Which Beatle are you?”) next to Track 37. You can just barely make out the tops of some beer bottles, like the distant New York skyline from atop the Tappan Zee, in the photo.

The “Trackside Commisary”–do NOT call them beer carts–are also giving out a “free snack” in exchange for the coupon at the bottom of the flier.

“Valid Today Only!” it says.

What it doesn’t say is what the snack is. My guess is that it will be small…and healthy.

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