Where Hawaiian Air Meets Pershing Square

So how lame is the Hawaiian Airlines signage covering the windows of Pershing Square Cafe?

The restaurant has these gorgeous floor to ceiling windows (though, mind you, the view of the Altria building across Park Avenue South isn’t all that hot), and they are covered almost in their entirety in a giant promo for Hawaiian Air.

The airline is hosting Hawaiian music events each Thursday throughout June.

I’m not as uptight about advertising on local landmarks as other people–I’m OK with corporations sponsoring ballparks and all that, especially if it helps my team overpay for the next prized free agent pitcher.

But I also believe in signage in moderation. After all, the Citi logos aren’t on the actual ballfield…yet.

Blacking out the windows of an establishment in the shadow of an iconic train station for a little filthy lucre for a whole month is, in my opinion, too much.

Though the images are kind of pretty.

[image: flickr]

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