Pleasantville Music Fest Sets 2012 Lineup

The Pleasantville Music Festival has announced its lineup for the 2012 shindig. You may have heard of the funky ska band The English Beat. You probably have not heard of Good Old War or Delta Spirit. You may wonder if Sloan Wainwright is related to those other warbling Wainwrights. (According to Wikipedia, Sloan is sister to Loudon and aunt to Rufus and Martha.)

The event is July 14. A free shuttle will run to the Pleasantville train station and back all day, though you can definitely walk from the station.

Pleasantville won our inaugural Best Damn Commuter Town poll, due in part to its annual festival and overall vaguely artsy vibe, and seeks to win it again. (By the way, shoot us a comment with a vote for Best Damn Commuter Town in the tri-state.)

We’ve gone every year since we moved to the ‘burbs. While the headliners are usually about a decade and a half past their prime, it’s still a fun day.


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2 Responses to Pleasantville Music Fest Sets 2012 Lineup

  1. G. Francis says:

    OK we’re in

  2. TJ says:

    sadly, we are away this year.

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