Police Save Dying Newborn On Metro-North

While the rest of you were drinking Bud Lime and hurling lawn darts in the blazing sun, a pair of MTA police officers spent the holiday weekend saving a choking baby on board Metro-North.

The baby and her mother were on board at Croton-Harmon just after midnight Sunday morning when officers got the call that month-old Serenity Green, who had been sleeping, suddenly had stopped breathing.

Police officers Kieran Killilea and Paul Carufe responded and cleared the newborn’s airway before delivering back blows to stimulate breathing.

Little Serenity coughed up some foam, and soon commenced breathing.

The baby and her mother, Aiesha Davidson, were taken to Westchester Medical Center for further evaluation.

As can happen during holiday weekends, the MTA did not provide a congratulatory statement from one of its chiefs, saluting the officers for their heroic work.

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