Riding in Style: Club Meeting in the Caboose

Our old friend Engine Bob, aka author Robert Klara, shared with us a photo, and a yarn, about the best commuter experience imaginable.

Rob says that several decades ago, some rich commuters, dissatisfied with a new batch of commuter cars the Pennsylvania Railroad rolled out after World War II, coughed up some big bucks to hold onto one of the old trains, and keep it for their own use each day on the rails to and from their fat cat jobs on Wall Street.

They incorporated themselves as a commuter club, says Klara, paid the railroad to run the lone car once every morning and evening, and flashed their special passes to get on board.

“This arrangement lasted for decades and became the stuff of minor legend,” says Rob, who adds that the above is the lone color photo of the private rail car.

Rob wrote FDR’s Funeral Train, and has another book on American history in the works.

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1 Response to Riding in Style: Club Meeting in the Caboose

  1. Eric R. says:

    There is still a commuter club in New Jersey. I think it’s they only one left. They had half a car renovated for their one round trip a day.


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