Time For Another Best Commuter Town Poll

I was waiting for the 8:16 this morning when I overheard a woman discussing our own Hawthorne station as she climbed down the stairs.

I tend not to pay much heed to the woman, as she’s the one who repeatedly saves a seat for an imaginary friend with her bag on the p.m. trains. Not only that, but she saves the aisle seat from the window seat of a three seater–in effect, occupying three seats on a train that’s jammed every day. Nice one. Care for a velvet rope as well?

She was talking to a friend about the miserable state of the elevators at Hawthorne station, how she’d called the station master to report fires being set in the station (she repeatedly referred to the miscreants as “they”, as Pink Floyd’s “Us and Them” played in my head), and the station master replied, “Hawthorne? That station’s the worst one on the line.”

That of course made me think of our Crappiest Train Station poll, won last year by Hawthorne, and I wondered if it was time to conduct another such poll to see if another station could unseat Hawthorne for overall misery.

In fact, it’s not quite been a year since we did the last one, so we’ll sit tight on that for a bit.

But in the meantime, it’s been a few years since we crowned–actually you, the readers, doing the coronating–a Best Commuter Town in the tri-state.

Larchmont won in 2010.

Pleasantville won the inaugural Best Commuter Town in 2009.

We conduct the poll every two years, like the Olympics, or a Jason Bay home run. So have at it. Send me nominations, and why you are nominating them, to the Comments section of this post, or to Trainjotting@gmail.com.

We’re looking for any town in the tri-state, and one with an attractive station, and surrounding area, preferably some sidewalks, trees, Irish pub, and other essential downtown attributes. Low ratio of a-holes to everyday folk. Commute time. Taxes. Schools. Crime. Intangibles. You get the drift.

Perhaps the presence of the Larchmont Larcenist/Mamaroneck Marauder/Harrison Harrasser, who’s been robbing commuters as they return home, precludes Larchmont from winning this year.

Perhaps the departure of Captain Lawrence from Pleasantville, or last year’s Pleasantville Music Fest’s lame lineup (headliner Marc Cohn? Really?), will knock Pleasantville out of the running.

Maybe one of those cool Jersey towns (Yes, cool Jersey towns. I said it.) will get the nod this year.

Rock the vote.

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3 Responses to Time For Another Best Commuter Town Poll

  1. jerseyjim says:

    This could be our year!!!

    A co-worker asked a ballot question: Does Hoboken qualify as a “commuter-town”?

  2. A great commuter town has to at least have the possibility of a pleasant and efficient commute. I love Larchmont, where I live, but if you must rely on the MetroNorth trains to make it into the City in a timely way, good luck. Trains are late and overcrowded, without sufficient notice, on a regular basis, and that’s the pleasant part of the story. Between late September and late April, when the weather may become cold, and an errant snowflake or two might fall, MetroNorth often shuts down entirely, stranding commuters and upending their business lives. Whether you can’t get into the City, can’t find a seat, can’t squeeze yourself into an overcrowded train car, or can’t breathe sufficiently because the AC has failed and it’s 105 degrees on the tracks, MetroNorth is above providing refunds to its customers for its failures to deliver what customers have paid for.
    So I love my town of Larchmont. But unless you’re being chaufferred into work in a limo, as the head of MetroNorth likely is, if he is smart, it’s not a great commuter town.

  3. scarsdude says:

    If it weren’t for its proximity to Central Ave and the lack of express trains, Scarsdale might actually be a candidate for an ideal commuter town. To a Garth Road resident, (not so much to a 1%-er) Scarsdale has a lot to offer: Walking distance from your co-op, it’s on the relatively punctual Harlem line, sorta ample parking, modern amenities (Dunkin Donuts AND Starbucks practically ON the platform?), recent station renovations, not to mention the desirable zip code in which to receive your monthly commutation.
    I rather enjoyed my commute to/from Scarsdale for a few years, back before they did the station renovations and the big businesses moved in. It was less than 30 minutes to/from GCT, but I eventually moved north to get more bang for my family’s buck.

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