Supervisor Maybury Addressing Station Issues

A member of Mount Pleasant Today’s (MPT) train station committee met with town supervisor Joan Maybury last night to address commuter issues related to security, cleanliness and parking, among other things.

Topics discussed included flooding in the Elwood lot and the preponderance of leaves around the station–2011 holdovers buried under that freaky October snowstorm.

The preponderance of trash came up too. Maybury personally inspected the walkway heading from Hawthorne Station to that lot a few hundred feet south, at Sunset Place. This was apparently deemed an MTA issue, so the supervisor called the MTA about cleaning the detritus up, and it did.

A major spring cleaning goes down in the next few weeks, noted the supervisor.

The next week or two will see security cameras installed to overlook the Elwood lot and the Broadway Field ramp.

Maybury and the MPT principal, Michael Raguso, also discussed potentially making the Elwood lot one way for traffic. The supervisor is in favor of this.

Finally, Ms. Maybury seeks to get back six parking spots for commuters after the Station Grille was given its six. She’s eyeing the seemingly free space next to, and behind, that boarding house that holds Hawthorne Liquors.

“I got the feeling that Supervisor Maybury is genuinely excited about the improvements at the Hawthorne Station,” said Raguso.

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