More Lamb Than Lion

Forget St. Patty’s–March 12 should be the day we line the streets, cheer the pipers, and drink oddly colored beer until we too become oddly colored. That’s the first day back at work after Daylight Savings Time does its blessed thing.

I was actually out of town March 12, but was back to work yesterday, and really dug stepping out of work a little after 5 to golden sunshine. Al fresco imbibers were out front of Les Halles, and self-absorbed touristas took up the sidewalk tables at the Gansevoort boite Asellina, across Park Ave. South from Les Halles. Perhaps the touristas were sipping Asellina’s famed “Blitida” cocktails: plymouth, aperol, cucumer, citrus and ginger ale, rolled into a tidy $14 aperitif.

Sweaty people stepped out of the gym in shorts. The guy who’s been hawking gym memberships outside Boom for years wore a tank top (I’m always tempted to ask him how every day can be the “last day of sale”.) Women revealed bare shoulders for the first time since the summer. (Two suggestions: get a little sun, and take the Boom dude up on a no money down gym membership.)

One hale fellow offered up a whole bare torso–wearing only sneakers, shorts and a backpack as he jetted his skateboard up Park Ave. South, against the flow  of traffic.

Closer to GCT, the gents who open doors and lug luggage at the Kitano Hotel sported sleeveless green waistcoats, not their usual topcoats, the increased mobility an asset as they hailed cabs amidst the 65 degree temps.

(Also stepping out to catch some rays: a coyote that terrorized the Hawthorne Elementary School playground, and forced the tykes to recess inside. True story.)

People were in a brighter mood on the train, knowing that winter was, for all intents and purposes, slain. The post-Daylight Savings Time days also mean you get home, back in the ‘burbs, to sunlight as well.

If that’s not the case, you’re working too hard.


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