Photo of the Day: Larchmont Station At Night

Sweet shot, huh?

I wish we had bishop’s crook streetlights at little Hawthorne station.

I wish we had paint-by-number sunsets like that. (And, since we’re playing the I wish game, I wish we had a coffee shop by now in our old station building!)

The photo comes from our friends at Larchmont-Mamaroneck news site Elizabeth Pollaert snapped the shot, part of a 50-photog exhibit called A Day in the Life of Larchmont.

Larchmont was 2010’s Best Damn Commuter Town Period, as voted on by Trainjotting readers, due in part to its lovely sunsets at the train station, and the abundance of photographers there to document them.

She explains:

“I set up in a place that I thought looked good, with the sunset in the distance, the clouds overhead, and the station lights in good places, and I just waited for trains to come in.  Every time a train came in, I took pictures from the time it approached the station until the time it pulled out.  As it got darker, I used slower and slower shutter speeds, which is why on that one shot, you only see one person, the one who stood still, and everyone else looks like a ghost, because I was using a reasonably slow shutter speed by then.”

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